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At The Lifing Group, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to navigating the journey of school, work, and life. Our mission is to help adolescents through adults define their unique path forward, incorporating tailored strategies to align with individual goals and desired outcomes. For our Wayfinder Consulting LLC friends: We are excited to announce that we have rebranded to The Lifing Group. This change reflects our commitment to providing even more services and expanded capabilities to support you on your journey.
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LIFING (líf îng):

Derived from the word LIFE

Staying focused on what must be done. Keeping quality even through life’s mundane tasks. Examples: Note-taking. Studying. Practicing. Organization. Career Exploration. Balancing Responsibilities with Other Gratifying Activities.

Our team of experts have a combined 200+ years of experience meeting individuals where they are in life to get the support they need.

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Executive Function. Learning Strategies. Tutoring. Test Prep. Accommodations. Foundational Gaps. Advocacy. School Transitions. Post-secondary School Planning.
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Individuality. Goal-setting. Confidence. Motivation. Reflective. Engagement. Consistency. Empowerment. Independence.
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Exploration. Career Assessments. Resume. Cover Letter. Interview Prep. Job Hunt. Networking. Internship. Job Maintenance. Career Change.
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