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We Help Untangle Complicated Days.

We help teens, young adults, and parents successfully navigate life’s challenges in the classroom, work, and at home. From grade school through to college or on the job, we help individuals straighten out the complications in their lives.
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LIFING (líf îng):

Derived from the word LIFE

Doing what must be done to keep afloat. Dealing with life’s mundane tasks without drama. Examples: Holding down a job. Finding an apartment. Doing laundry. Buying food. Paying bills. Making Friends. Planning. Studying. Preparing for SATs.

Our team of experts have decades of experience helping young people bring focus, passion, and success back into their lives.

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From improving study habits to time management, as well as assessments and guidance on how to navigate school administrators and standardized testing.
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Life skills, habits, role playing, pragmatic fundamentals, short and long-term training and support.
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From career guidance, interview skills, networking and resume building, to how to navigate company politics, promotions and performance.
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