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Developing your "Why?"

We must discover our purpose to take action. Your 'why' will guide you during more challenging times.


Values help us to grow and develop personally, socially, and professionally.  They drive us towards a path that guide us in making better decisions in whatever state we are in. Values internally connect to who we are and is key for our well-being.


Each of us has a purpose; it’s knowing your purpose and your “why” in life that drives us to grow and excel in school, at work, and in life. TLG’s mentors guide clients to know their “why” through various approaches to draft an action plan toward attainment.


We encourage individuals’ motivation to establish realistic goals that are measurable, and relevant, and build toward future success. Our coaches assist in creating a self-reflective process for individuals to take ownership of their actions and learn how to change behaviors in order to reach their goals. Success is built upon determination, reflection, and practice. Even when the unexpected gets in the way, we guide clients to find their way, even when obstacles arise, to be aware, learn from the experience, and move forward. Our clients are not alone in the progress; we support them through the process.