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We All Could Use a Coach to Get Us Back on Track

Sometimes it becomes impossible for parents to provide the guidance needed to get a child back on track. It doesn’t matter why or how, what matters is getting kids the help they need. And that’s where the Lifing Group Mentorship program can help. From finding an apartment and eating right, to maintaining proper hygiene and staying fit, our mentors have the experience and the commitment to get kids back on track. If that means a 7 am wake-up call, so be it; a late-night check-in, we’ll be there. Our mentors are available 24/7 to ensure your child succeeds.

Short- & Long-Term Goals

At TLG we know goals are important; but we also know that for those that have tried and fallen short multiple times, doing it yet again with someone new seems hopeless. Regardless of the individual’s motivation to pursue mentoring services with TLG, we will help establish realistic goals that are measurable, relevant, and build towards future success.

Life Skills & Habits

TLG’s coaches will assist with putting in place a structured routine to accomplish daily tasks. The coach will help motivate and help overcome the obstacles that too often get in the way. Some of the habits and routines we address include sleep, hygiene, eating, physical wellness, personal budgeting, making friends, and excessive gaming.

Independence & Accountability

TLG’s coaches assist in creating a self-reflective process for individuals to take ownership of their actions and learn how to change behaviors to reach their goals. It isn’t necessarily about getting it right the first time, but finding a way to move forward even when the unexpected gets in the way. Having someone to strategize with and to support you through the tough patches is part of the process.