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Great College Essays Aren’t Written, They’re Rewritten . . .

. . . often ten times or more, and it’s always the last rewrite that makes the difference. It’s the same for prepping an exam, we teach you the techniques, tricks, and methods to optimize performance. We also follow-up as needed to ensure you make progress.

Executive Function

Schools rarely teach kids how to study, do homework or prepare for quizzes and exams. We not only teach these vital skills, we help students set short and long-term goals, and check-in frequently. Our individualized approach ensures that we tailor a pragmatic program that addresses the specific issues facing your child.


TLG’s subject experts include middle and high school, college, and graduate level support in all core content areas including foreign languages. In addition, we provide standardized test prep for individuals interested in programs that require testing. We take an individualized approach to meet student needs, and when appropriate, work with their teachers to understand specific obstacles and challenges.

Post High School Planning

At TLG we provide services to individuals interested in college, as well as for those considering alternative opportunities, post high school. If you're uncertain on next steps, we can help you think through options, including interim possibilities. There are many pathways to success, the best ones align your interests with the skills needed for success.

Psychological Testing

TLG’s team offers comprehensive psychological testing services to aid in identifying specific learning profiles of individuals. If things just aren’t clicking, or you don’t have the support to succeed in school, we will help determine what you need to realize your potential.