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Success in school extends beyond classroom.

School is highly structured. It's the unstructured time when school lets out that often gets overlooked. We'll help you develop the skills to navigate this time to keep your moving forward, learning and growing.

Executive Function

TLG’s consultants provide support to build and strengthen client’s cognitive process to help regulate their ability to guide self-directed behavior towards a goal. Our individualized approach ensures that we tailor a pragmatic program that addresses the specific areas of focus to support their needs. We dive deeper and help students set short and long-term goals, and check-in frequently. At TLG, it’s not only knowing your client and their needs; but how you deliver a service that will allow your client to grow individually, academically, and socially.

Learning Strategies

TLG works with individuals to construct a learning profile that informs the unique academic coaching. Ways of organizing and utilizing a set of skills to learn curriculum or complete tasks in an effective and efficient manner. Students use these strategies to overcome learning obstacles and to understand different tasks to improve memory or better studying or test-taking strategies.

Post-secondary School Planning

At TLG we provide services to individuals interested in college, as well as for those considering alternative opportunities, post high school. If you're uncertain on next steps, we can help you think through options, including interim possibilities. There are many pathways to success, the best ones align your interests with the skills needed for success.


Academics can be stressful and students may not know where to find content specific tutors in fields such as business, languages, advanced mathematics, etc. TLG's subject experts provide elementary to high school, college and graduate level support in all areas. We take an individualized approach to meet student needs, and, when appropriate, work with their teachers to understand specific obstacles and challenges.